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ImaginOak Play Mats invite children to adventurous creative play. Huge vinyl mats provide three exciting environments where kids invent and narrate their own stories. ImaginOak redefines play mats to richly illustrated backdrops steering maturing children to compelling play.

Unique artisan children's play mats let kids use their favorite toys and figurines.

Exciting new fun with old toys.

Brother Cameron and Nathan enjoy imaginative play on ImaginOak's Quest Realm children's play mat with a medival theme.

Play mats bring out creativity

Imaginoak play mats for children come in two huge sizes, large and jumbo. Better than preschool rugs or carpets, these play mats are printed on vinyl.

Available in two HUGE sizes.

Rich details set our play mats apart

Gypsy wagon on Caravan Village children play mat makes creative story telling fun.

Gypsy Encampment

Dance around the fire, sleep in a decorated wagon, or talk to the magical face in the tree. This little town has a rural atmosphere where kids can explore a traditional barn, orchards, the old mill, a manor house, windmill, and cottages of Caravan Village.

Each ImaginOak play mats for children features a special tree house fort for creative adventure.

Explore a Tree House

Actually, explore 3 tree houses. Each play mat features a quaint multi-level tree fort to explore. Let your imagination run wild. This tree house is on Quest Realm where kids can explore the castle grounds, meander the market, and play a tournament day at the arena.

This charming and romantic gazebo inspires children to create narrative story telling.

Charming Gazebo

Set in the forests and streams of the Horse Haven play mat, the gazebo is a fun meeting place. Two delightful horse ranches share a large meadow, a fun place to ride out in the open fields, or kids and horses can go head to head over the jumps and turns of the steeplechase course.


ImaginOak Play Mats bring out creativity

ImaginOak Play Mats set the stage for children to use their favorite small figurines, animals and toys to construct uniquely original narratives. ImaginOak liberates childhood imagination, initiating tactile and kinesthetic creativity free of electronic gaming devices and screens. ImaginOak redefines and updates play mats from rudimentary
preschooler carpets to richly illustrated backdrops steering maturing children to compelling play.


We are committed to providing a great product, safe for your kids and sustainably harvested.

Our high-fidelity play mats are printed in Novi, Michigan using Greengard certified water-based latex inks, the same odorless inks used safely in hospitals and restaurants. They are completely odorless and solvent free. Comfortable but tough, the weatherproof scrim vinyl withstands years of play without compromising appearance. Check out below the UL certifications and other accolades HP has earned for the printing process used on our play mats.