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Frequently Asked Questions:

Our play mats are intended for use on non-slip flooring only. Do not use on tile, wood, linoleum or other smooth floors. Children would rather play on a soft carpet.

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• What ages most enjoy the play mats ?

ImaginOak Play Mats are best for children ages 3-11. Preschoolers also like them, but may not understand some of the imagery. Older kids who are still playing with small cars and figurines may also enjoy the play mats, especially if they have younger siblings.

• What are the play mats made of ?

Our play mats are printed on 13oz polyester scrim with a thin vinyl coating on both sides (scrim vinyl). This Agfa product is fire resistant (NFPA 701), and has an all-weather outdoor life of three years. The edges are folded and heat sealed. It is a matte finish front and back, with a little bit of "tooth", or texture on the back side. Sealed scrim vinyl is tear resistant and tough.

• How are they printed ?

ImaginOak looked long and hard for a printing partner. We selected Printastic in Novi, MI because of the high quality of printing using a third generation HP latex printer. This inkjet style printer (which prints 10 feet wide), lays down water-based latex inks.

• Why is that important ?

Many printers use solvent or eco-solvent inks, which expose the printer and the end user to odors, chemicals and harsh cleanup. Water-based latex printing is completely odor free, and there are no chemicals or heavy metals in the mix. This process has won the approval of Underwriters Laboratory, which awarded HP its GreenGaurd and EcoLogo certifications. The latex on vinyl printing process is commonly used in schools, hospitals and restaurants. There is no known health risk of long-term exposure to these materials.

• Tell me about shipping ?

Your box will be shipped by USPS Priority Mail. You will receive a tracking number via email. We only ship to physical addresses in the U.S.
The play mats are rolled and will ship in a long rectangular box with 4"x4" sides, and either 36 or 48" long.

• How much does shipping cost ?

Select the FREE SHIPPING option in the shopping cart checkout.

We only ship to the U.S.A and Canada.

• How quickly do you ship, and are there hidden charges ?

We ship next day on most orders, but may ship the next business day (Monday). There are no handling charges or hidden fees. We hate that too.

• What's up with my discount code ?

The Shopify checkout system only recognizes one discount code at a time. If you have two discount codes, take the discount which offers you the overall best price. The code from our retail partners credits those local small businesses for your purchase, so please keep that in mind when saving a dollar or two.

• What about latex allergies ?

If you or your child have a known latex allergy, we would recommend you not buy our play mat. We know of no risk, but would rather not take the chance. If you or your child get any minor skin irritation, please discontinue use and contact us.

• What is your privacy policy ?

We do not have access to your credit card or payment information. All of that is encrypted by Shopify for safe keeping. We will NEVER give up your personal information to third parties. Cookies may be employed for marketing purposes by Google or Facebook, but no personal info is shared. We will never ask you to take a survey.

• What is your refund policy ?

We will accept for exchange or refund any damaged play mat on a case by case basis. The customer will need to email us photographs of the damaged shipping box, the damaged play mat, and a brief description of the damage, and do so within 5 days of receipt. The customer will be responsible for shipping the play mat back to us.
Refund requests for any other reason will be considered on a case by case basis, and solely at our discretion. Refunds will be made up to 20 days after delivery. Customers will be responsible for return shipping charges.
We have tried to be transparent and accurate in our descriptions and images of our product, please read the information carefully prior to your order, to avoid the need for a return or exchange.

• Where are the play mats printed ?

Near Detroit, MI, in the United States of America

• Where are you located ?
Perryville, MD  21903
• How can I contact you ?
playmats {at} imaginoak {dot} com

• Why does my play mat say it is 'small' size ?
Our play mats are marketed and sold as JUMBO 4x5 and LARGE 3x4. Jumbo size is 45.5" x 59". Large size is 36" x 47".
In early print runs the mats were labeled Small and Large. Large is 45.5" x 59" and Small is 36" x 47". We have only ever printed two sizes. We have updated that for future printing.

 Please Note: The photographs on our site are of actual children using their own toys. Any display of trademarked toys is completely incidental to showing our play mats in actual use. Those trademarks belong to those manufacturers, and are not meant as an endorsement of our product. If you see your toy on our mat, please take it as a compliment from a happy child and enjoy the free advertising.